The Dealer For YOU!

What is “The Dealer For YOU!”?

Number One Auto is the Dealer For YOU!  And that means you have a choice to buy a car, truck, or SUV from people who care about you instead of themselves first.  It really is that simple.  Some dealers say they are “there for you” in their typical ads but we like to BLAST it out and make sure YOU understand the difference between ‘saying it’ and ‘LIVING IT’!  We are THEE Dealer in central West Virginia that is here truly for YOU! 

We believe everyone deserves to own and drive a better vehicle.  Our experts are here for the purpose of helping YOU achieve your goals in buying a better vehicle.  Plus, we offer a better all-around experience that is fair, fun, and rewarding in ways no other dealer will offer YOU:

Free 90 day warranty… for YOU!

Free Inspections… for YOU!

Free coffee… for YOU! 

The best financing options in the nation… for YOU!

A FUN atmosphere with friendly people… for YOU!

Expert mechanical advice and experience… for YOU!

Variety of budget solutions to choose from… for YOU! 

Solutions Experts that are here to help… for YOU! 

Free advice… for YOU! 

Extended protection plans… for YOU! 

Our respect and appreciation… for YOU! 

Finally, an invitation for YOU! to join our happy and growing family!