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Better vehicles

Better vehicles

It's a fact: our vehicles are BETTER. We hand-select, fully service and inspect them, and stand behind them. From low-mile, newer rides to the best budget-friendly rides in WV, check them out here.

Better help

Better help

Number One Auto is in the business of helping people and it would be our pleasure to help YOU! Learn more about some of the ways Number One Auto can provide you with the BEST customer service.

Better financing

Better financing

Sid was a banker before the car business. His first order of business was to secure financing options for his customers. For the best credit, bad credit, and no credit, we have the BEST options.

Looking for your dream vehicle? Check out our selection here.

Save an hour at the dealership with an online credit approval.

See Why #1 Auto Sales is West Virginia’s #1 manufacturer of happy drivers!

We believe YOU deserve to drive a better vehicle today!


90-day warranty


for YOU! Good credit, bad credit, zero credit

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